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Indian Dried Red Chilli

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The chilies have always been a part of our day to day food since its early inception by the ancient civilizations.

Its medicinal, self-healing, both high and low pungent varieties, aromatic flavor, and spiced up taste makes it the most valued spice across the world. The food lovers, chefs, and kitchen mates have heavily relied on chilies to quickly increase the savor of a dish that can be relished for a long time. India is among the top red chili producing, consuming, and exporting countries.

The most preferred dried red chili variants are Teja S17, Sannam S4/S10, Byadgi, Kashmiri, and Wrinkle. The southern states of India, i.e., Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka, have been known for the highest productivity of well-growth chili varieties.